Trying to Use Java VisualVM with Eclipse

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Trying to Use Java VisualVM with Eclipse


我想使用Java Visual VM。这是一个帮助您检查堆内存负载的软件。它还提供了更多功能,但对我来说不重要。

我的初学者Java书的作者说Java Visual VM包含在Java SE 9中。我应该能够在我的JDK文件夹的bin文件夹中找到exe文件。我尝试按照书上的说明使用此软件并将其包含在Eclipse中,但没有成功。我在我的JDK的bin文件夹中找不到Java Visual VM的exe文件。我使用的是JDK 14点某版本。



I want to use Java Visual VM. It's a software which helps you to check your Heap-Memory load. It also provides more functions. But those are not important for me.

The author of my beginner java book says that Java Visual VM is included in Java SE 9. I should be able to find the exe. in the bin folder of my JDK-folder. I tried to use this software and include it in Eclipse, by following the instructions of my book, but it does not work. I can not find the exe of Java Visual VM in my bin folder of my JDK. I have JDK 14 point something.

I hope someone can help me.


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我们了解到,自Java 9起不再包含它。

VisualVM也作为Java VisualVM分发在Oracle JDK 6~8中。
在Oracle JDK 9中已停止分发。请查看升级到最新VisualVM的页面以了解如何升级。

这也是一个下载链接,所以请自行下载这个工具 Trying to Use Java VisualVM with Eclipse


From this link :

We learn it is no longer included starting java 9

> VisualVM has also been distributed in Oracle JDK 6~8 as Java VisualVM.
> It has been discontinued in Oracle JDK 9. See the Upgrading Java
> VisualVM page to learn how to upgrade to the latest VisualVM.

And this is also a download link, so please help yourself and get the tool Trying to Use Java VisualVM with Eclipse

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